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Cantor's Driving School Offers Georgia Online Drivers Education That Fulfills Georgia's 30 Hour "Joshua's Law" Course Requirement

Take driver's education online - our Georgia DDS-approved online course is easy to use and can be done at your own pace.

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Georgia Online Driver's Ed - Only $30!

Cantor's Driving School offers a Georgia state-approved online driver's education course so that you can get certified at your own pace at your own computer. Why spend your time in a classroom when you don't have to? Our 30 hour online driver's ed course is fully approved by the Georgia Department of Driver Services (GA DDS). Using our drivers education online course, you can study whenever and wherever you want!

Cantor's Driving School offers a convenient online course for new drivers in Georgia:
  • The Georgia Department of Driver Services (DDS) mandates that all 16 year old new drivers applying for a Class D drivers license complete an approved 30-hour drivers education course. This requirement is known as Joshua's Law.
  • Cantor's online drivers ed course is approved by the Georgia DDS.
  • All course materials are conveniently accessed online with any computer. Work at your own pace - you can log on and off anytime.
  • This course in provided in conjunction with our partner National Driving and Traffic School.
  • Certificate of completion provided by Cantor's when you successfully finish the course, and the Georgia Department of Driver Services will automatically be notified of your course completion.
  • Without the drivers education course, a student driver must wait until the age of 17 to be eligible to get a Georgia Class D driver's licence.

The cost? Only $30! You can click here to register and begin your driver education online right now!


How the Drivers Ed Online Course Works

Cantor's Driving School's 30 hour online driver education training program is a great way to fullfil the Georgia Joshua's law requirement and prepare you for your driver's test. Approved by the GA DDS, it provides you with the maximum in flexibility while offering informative content in an engaging format.

The course is divided into eleven modules covering various important driving topics. Each chapter has a review, a workbook and a quiz to make sure you've gained the knowledge you need from that section. After completing these eleven modules, you need only to take and pass the 40 question final exam - and you're done!

When you've completed the course we will email you a certificate of completion that you can provide as proof of course completion, and present it to your insurance company. Also, the Georgia Department of Driver Services will automatically be notified of your course completion.


Online Drivers Education Details

This driver's education program consist of at least 30 hours of drivers education instruction online, with special features in the form of videos, PDF documents, and websites added to enhance the understanding and learning abilities of students. The modules are comprised of topics that will provide students with the information and skills needed to become conscientious drivers.

A student taking this course will be required to spend a specific minimum time in each topic, at the end of which, the student will be required to pass a quiz based on that topic, with a passing mark of 75%. The student is required to spend a total of at least 30 hours for the whole duration of the course, after which, the student will be required to pass a final examination with a score mark of at least 75% before the student is issued a Certificate of Completion. Please note Georgia 16 year olds are also required to complete 40 hours of supervised experience behind the wheel, including 6 hours of night driving, when they are in possession of a Learner's Permit. Without the drivers education course, a student driver must wait until the age of 17 to be eligible to get a Georgia Class D driver's licence.

At the end of this 30 hour drivers ed program, you will be able to:
  1. Demonstrate a working knowledge of a motor vehicle's standard operating procedures
  2. Understand Georgia's laws and regulations on the use and opeartion of a motor vehicle, including vehicle and licensing systems
  3. Understand the effect of natural laws on a vehicle, and how forces affecting driving in a crash, and the effects of momentum, gravity and inertia on vehicle control and balance, and how kinetic energy affects force of impact
  4. Search visually to get information to make reduced-risk decisions about driving maneuvers
  5. Effectively manage the space around a vehicle, by either reducing speed or maneuvering the vehicle to reduce risk or avoid collisions
  6. Interact with other users of the roadways in a responsible manner
  7. Drive safely in different weather and road conditions
  8. Ensure safety by using occupant restraint systems and other vehicle safety devices
  9. Understand the physical and psychological conditions affecting driver performance
  10. Understand the need and seriousness of supervised driving training sessions with a licensed adult to develop the skills and knowledge required for safe driving

You can register and begin your driver education online right now!


The Course Outline for the Georgia Driver's Education Online Program

Module 1 The Proper Attitude for Safe Driving
Unit 1.1 The Proper Attitude for Safe Driving
1.1.1 The Common Sense of Driving
1.1.2 The System for Driver Control
1.1.3 The Importance of Driver Education
Quiz 1.1 Quiz
Quiz 1 Quiz

Module 2 Georgia's Laws and Regulations
Unit 2.1 Georgia Licensing Procedures
2.1.1 Scope of Georgia's Code Section 40 on Motor Vehicle and Traffic
2.1.2 Georgia's Driver's License
2.1.3 REVIEW
Quiz 2.1 Quiz

Unit 2.2 Traffic Laws Related to Safe Driving
2.2.1 Signs, Signals and Roadmarkings for Traffic Controls
2.2.2 Rules of the Road
2.2.3 Established Speed Laws and Special Stops
2.2.4 Pedestrians Rights and Responsibilities
Quiz 2.2 Quiz

Unit 2.3 Laws that Relate to Responsible Use of Vehicle
2.3.1 Registration of Vehicle
2.3.2 Proof of Financial Responsibility
2.3.3 Vehicle Safety and Emission Inspection
Quiz 2.3 Quiz
Quiz 2 Quiz

Module 3 The Effects of Natural Forces on Your Vehicle
Unit 3.1 The Law of Natural Forces Has an Effect On Your Driving
3.1.1 Natural Forces Affecting Driving
Quiz 3.1 Quiz

Unit 3.2 The Force of Gravity
3.2.1 How Gravity Acts on a Vehicle
Quiz 3.2 Quiz

Unit 3.3 The Law of Inertia
3.3.1 How Inertia Affects Your Driving
Quiz 3.3 Quiz

Unit 3.4 Kinetic Energy
3.4.1 How Kinetic Energy Can Affect Your Driving
Quiz 3.4 Quiz

Unit 3.5 Potential Energy
3.5.1 How Potential Energy Affects Your Driving
Quiz 3.5 Quiz

Unit 3.6 Momentum
3.6.1 How Momentum Affects Your Driving
Quiz 3.6 Quiz

Unit 3.7 The Force of Friction
3.7.1 The Effects Of Friction On Your Driving
Quiz 3.7 Quiz

Unit 3.8 Centrifugal Force
3.8.1 How Does Centrifugal Force Affects Your Driving
Quiz 3.8 Quiz

Unit 3.9 Forces in a Crash
3.9.1 How Does Forces Affect Your Driving In A Crash
Quiz 3.9 Quiz

Unit 3.10 Vehicle Dynamics When in Motion
3.10.1 The Impact Of Natural Forces On A Vehicle's Stability
Quiz 3.10 Quiz
Quiz 3 Quiz

Module 4 Understanding the Vehicle and its Controls
Unit 4.1 Knowledge of Vehicle Operations
4.1.1 Transmission in Automobiles
4.1.2 Vehicle Systems
4.1.3 Basic Vehicle Components
Quiz 4.1 Quiz

Unit 4.2 Vehicle Safety
4.2.1 Visibility Devices
4.2.2 Vehicle Safety Equipment
4.2.3 Highway Safety Design
4.2.4 Use of Communication Control Equipment
4.2.5 Maintenance and Precautionary Measures
4.2.6 Preventative Maintenance
4.2.7 Your Basic Car Care - Do It Yourself
4.2.8 Economic Operation of a Motor Vehicle
Quiz 4.2 Quiz
Quiz 4 Quiz

Module 5 Perceptual Skills Development
Unit 5.1 Vision and Perception Requirements
5.1.1 Vision and Perception Requirements
Quiz 5.1 Quiz

Unit 5.2 Developing Perceptual Skills
5.2.1 Developing Perceptual Skills
Quiz 5.2 Quiz

Unit 5.3 Using the Basics of Perceptual Skills
5.3.1 Learning How to Use Perceptual Skills
Quiz 5.3 Quiz

Unit 5.4 Making Safe Driving Decisions
5.4.1 Organized Systems for Safe Driving
Quiz 5.4 Quiz
Quiz 5 Quiz

Module 6 Developing Your Basic Driving Skills
Unit 6.1 Destination Driving And Travel Planning Techniques
6.1.1 Pre-Trip Inspection and Planning for a Long Trip
Quiz 6.1 Quiz

Unit 6.2 Preparing to Drive
6.2.1 Starting, Moving and Stopping
6.2.2 Space Management
6.2.3 Scanning and Seeing Clearly
Quiz 6.2 Quiz

Unit 6.3 Steering and Turning
6.3.1 Techniques in Steering
Quiz 6.3 Quiz

Unit 6.4 Step by Step Turn Making
6.4.1 Executing Turns
Quiz 6.4 Quiz

Unit 6.5 Lane Use and Changes, and Position on the Roadway
6.5.1 Changing Lanes
6.5.2 Proper Lane Usage
Quiz 6.5 Quiz

Unit 6.6 Executing a Reverse in Direction
6.6.1 Turnaround or Turnabout
Quiz 6.6 Quiz

Unit 6.7 Backing
6.7.1 Techniques in Backing
Quiz 6.7 Quiz

Unit 6.8 Starting and Stopping on a Hill
6.8.1 Techniques in Starting and Stopping on a Hill
Quiz 6.8 Quiz

Unit 6.9 Overtaking and Passing
6.9.1 Passing and Overtaking Other Vehicles
Quiz 6.9 Quiz

Unit 6.10 Accelerating and Braking
6.10.1 Speed, Acceleration and Braking
Quiz 6.10 Quiz

Unit 6.11 Parking the Vehicle
6.11.1 Techniques in Parking and Securing Your Vehicle
Quiz 6.11 Quiz
Quiz 6 Quiz

Module 7 Influences Upon Driver Performance
Unit 7.1 Causes and Adverse Effects of Disturbed Emotions
7.1.1 Effects of Disturbed Emotions
7.1.2 Attitudes and Motivations that Influence Teen Driving
Quiz 7.1 Quiz

Unit 7.2 The Effects of Alcohol and Drugs on a Person's Ability to Drive
7.2.1 Influencing Factors in the Use of Alcohol
7.2.2 The Problem of Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol
7.2.3 The Physiological and Psychological Effect of Alcohol on a Driver
7.2.4 Georgia's Law is Tough on DUI
7.2.5 How to Detect a Impaired Driver and What Should You
Quiz 7.2 Quiz

Unit 7.3 Mental and Physical Effects on Driving
7.3.1 Short and Long Term Physical and Mental Disablities
Quiz 7.3 Quiz

Unit 7.4 Attitudes and Motivations that Influence Teen Driving
7.4.1 Major Risk Factors Among Teenagers in Automobile Crashes
Quiz 7.4 Quiz
Quiz 7 Quiz

Module 8 Driving Under Hazardous Conditions
Unit 8.1 Driving Under Hazardous Conditions
8.1.1 Driving in Adverse Weather Conditions
8.1.2 Handling Equipment Problems and Emergencies
Quiz 8.1 Quiz
Quiz 8 Quiz

Module 9 Driving in Different Environments
Unit 9.1 Driving in Different Environments
9.1.1 Demands of City Driving
9.1.2 Demands of Freeway Driving
9.1.3 Demands of Driving on an Open Highway
Quiz 9.1 Quiz
Quiz 9 Quiz

Module 10 Sharing the Road
Unit 10.1 Sharing the Road
10.1.1 How to Share the Road with Other Roadway Users
Quiz 10.1 Quiz
Quiz 10 Quiz

Module 11 REVIEW
Quiz 11.1 Quiz
Quiz 11 Quiz

Final Test

You can register and begin your Georgia online driver education course right now!



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